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The story of Jesus’ death and resurrection is the ultimate story of LOVE and HOPE.

Good Friday

Friday | April 2 | 7 PM ET

Easter Service

Saturday | April 3 | 7 PM ET
Sunday | April 4 | 10 AM & On Demand
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Easter Film

Experience the story of Easter from a different perspective through the Times Square Church original, two-part film called “Three Days Later.” Part 1 premieres during our Good Friday service, and Part 2 will premiere during our Easter service.

Mark your calendar and invite friends, family, neighbors and co-workers. If you ever wanted to invite someone to church, this is the weekend to do it!

Three Days Later
Watch Now | Meet the Friends

Be an Easter Host

Hosting Easter at home doesn’t have to be complicated. Just invite someone that God puts on your heart to come over for the service and then have time together with them after. Easter is one of those holidays that people recognize as a time to get together with friends and family regardless of their religious affiliation.

How Can I Host?

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  • Open your home. If you are able to have people to your home, just be you. If you can invite them for brunch or lunch, do what you can. The fellowship is what’s important.
  • Invitations. Send a text or email invitation so that they know your address and what time you are expecting them. Make use of our social media shareables for your invitation.
  • Dress up. Having people over is a good reason to dress up a little for Easter. Sitting at home each week its easy to come to the couch in your pajamas or sweats. Dressing up makes it special.
  • Cook at home or potluck. This past year has shown us the value of relationships and depending on who is coming, you can either prepare the meal yourself or ask people to bring what they can and share the meal preparation. The important thing is to enjoy the time together!
  • Be ready. Have your monitor set up and make sure you are ready for the service. If you have people coming at 10 AM, be ready ahead of time and let them know that you will be watching the service before the meal.
  • Observe COVID-19 protocols. Remember to keep COVID-19 guidelines in place. Remind people to wear their masks and have extra masks available in case they don’t have one. Keep your group under 10 people and observe social distancing whenever possible.
  • Do it your way. Easter is usually a time for family, and we are God’s family. But even when friends and family can’t join you to watch the service and celebrate in person, hosting a gathering online is a simple way to enjoy the Easter presentations.
  • Invitations. Send a text or email invitation so that they know how you are meeting and what time you are expecting them. Make use of our social media shareables for your invitation.
  • Schedule your watch party. Schedule a meeting on Zoom for 9:45 AM on Sunday, April 4. If you prefer using another platform such as Google Meet, FaceTime or Skype that’s fine too. The extra 15 minutes will allow everyone to arrive and be there for the start of service. If you have a free Zoom account, you only have 40 minutes for the meeting. When it ends just restart the meeting with the same link. Let your guests know all they have to do is go back to the same link and restart the meeting. You should only have to do it twice.
  • Be ready. Have your monitor set up and make sure you are ready with the service. If you have people coming at 10 AM, be ready ahead of time and let them know that you will be watching the service before the meal.
  • Start the service. At 9:45 AM go to tsc.nyc and click on “Watch Now” on the home page to start the service.
  • Share your screen. Click the green “Share Screen” button on the bottom of the Zoom window. A popup will let you select which application you want to share. Select the browser window that has the video in it. But wait! Before you click “Share,” look for two checkboxes down at the lower left corner of the sharing options tab. There are options to “Share computer sound” and “Optimize screen sharing for video clip.” Make sure both boxes are checked. Now click “Share” and you’re set. If need be, you can adjust the volume on the video player itself to make it easier to hear the other participants.
  • We will be celebrating communion. During the Good Friday service on Friday, April 2, we will have communion together.
  • Communion is for believers. Let your guests know, when it feels appropriate, that communion is for those that have a personal relationship with Christ and understand what the bread and juice represent. If they do not have a relationship with Christ, they should not feel obligated to participate.
  • Have the elements ready. Prepare the elements for communion ahead of time. Have glasses ready for each person, with juice and crackers or bread to share with each person so that when the time comes, you can share the elements with your guests.
  • Tell your online guests. For those are hosting online, let the group know beforehand that you will be having communion so that they can prepare accordingly.

Share Your Photo

If you decide to host an Easter gathering (in-person or online), make sure to send us photos so we can share it with your TSC family.

The Easter Story

Easter is a story of hope. It’s the story of a Man who died for the ones He loved.

Jesus was a perfect person. He spent three years of His life healing the sick, befriending the ostracized and comforting the hurting. At the same time, He mentored a few close friends, teaching them about the kingdom of heaven. Nothing man could do would ever be good enough to appease a perfect God. However, because God loved man so much, He would send His Son to them, and this Son would die for their mistakes.

Dozens of people accepted Jesus’ message and saw Him for who He was, that Son of God. Dozens turned into thousands as people followed Him wherever He went to hear and to be healed by Him, until one day, He was accused of blaspheming God. Without any real wrongdoing, he was executed, nailed to a cross. His dead body was put into a tomb and a large stone was rolled in to block the entrance.

All who loved Him and followed Him were dejected and questioned His teachings.  But when all hope was lost, something miraculous happened. Three days later, on Easter morning, three women came to the tomb to prepare His body for burial but found instead that Jesus Christ was alive! He overpowered death and through that gave us an eternal hope. A hope that one day we will be reunited with a perfect God despite our imperfection, not because of something we did but because He loves us enough to bridge the gap.



Share Easter with your friends, family, coworkers, and neighbors! We’ve made it easy by creating resources that can help you invite others through text, email and social media. Click an image and download straight to your phone or computer.

Invite a Friend


Get to know the disciples. Click the link to learn about the men closest to Jesus and follow along with our two-part Easter film, “Three Days Later.”



We know that worshipping at home is different than worshipping in person, but you don’t have to wait until Easter Sunday to worship our resurrected Jesus! Listen to this playlist recommended by TSC Music as you prepare for Easter weekend.

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Social Media Shareables

Invite your friends to celebrate Easter with you by posting these graphics on your social media platforms!


Download these photos and use them as your phone’s background image.

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